Become a member

Anybody interested in joining the Fraternity is treated with respect and sincerity. However we do need to exercise a certain amount of caution. In the past we were often late to realise that not all candidates came with honest intentions. At the same time, Bocathur was growing very quickly in size, and this resulted in large numbers of people only wanting to join for reasons of prestige.

To combat such randomness, our membership candidates need to be proposed by an existing member. Thereafter they have to pass an entrance examination on site. The examination tests not only intelligence and strength but also empathy and logical thinking.

Even during the candidate phase, Bocathur is symbolised by a lapel pin with a gemstone. This tradition goes back to a lady healer who donated the sacred gemstones which were to unite and protect all the members of the Fraternity. Today the lapel pin has more of a symbolic character, but candidates still wear a “turquoise” to protect them on their journey and to open their minds.

Candidates who successfully prove their merits and their talents are admitted to the Bocathur Fraternity in a solemn ceremony , in which the lapel badge of the members is officially bestowed on them: a lapis lazuli representing wisdom, kindness and community spirit. Our members and candidates – in a limited way – also receive access, according to their rank, to our archive of knowledge. Knowledge that has been collected over the centuries and that has been constantly developed – and to which only few people have access.

New members are called “Novices”. After a certain time they acquire the rank of “Studens” – they serve, so to speak, an apprenticeship. Thereafter our members have the opportunity to become instructors (Magister) or mentors for new members (Mentor). In addition to that we have honorary members (Honorarius) who have been invited to join Bocathur on account of their outstanding achievements.