The Other

The legend

Those who do good will attract evil as their enemy. And thus it did not last long until the Other cast his eye on the Fraternity. The Other – a creature without soul or body, older than time – managed to deceive Bocathur. He found shelter in the guise of the outlawed witch Minusch Heròd. As an evil spirit and a chilling demon, he strove to steal Bocathur’s knowledge. It took our combined efforts to resist. From then on he was to bear a curse. Even though he existed without solid shape, he was to bear a mark. A mark that would always reveal him for what he was. The initials of the name under which he approached the Fraternity for the first time: MH


Modern influences

Many might consider this legend to be pure fiction. And yet, there are repeated attempts to harm the Fraternity, to undermine our goals and to harm our community. And they consistently bear the sign of the Other. To him it is just a game. For us he is an unpredictable phenomenon whom we manage to control but whom we cannot destroy.