The Fraternity

Boni et Callidi Thuringiae“ – the Good and the Sagacious people of Thuringia. Bocathur is a venerable fraternity that has also found its place in the modern world. Since the early 13th century we have pursued common goals: to face the world with an open mind, to value tradition, to support progress and to preserve knowledge.

Our efforts comprehend all the various sources of knowledge. We perceive the natural sciences and medicine to be of equal importance as the creative talents. We hold not only the Arts and culture but also empathy and spirituality in high esteem. Bocathur stands for acceptance and vision. We approach controversial topics of a religious, political or cultural nature without preconceived ideas.

And even though the Fraternity has progressed, it is our principles which remain the focus of our attention. Together we work to preserve our values for future generations.