It is no coincidence that Bocathur has its origin and many of its historical sites in Thuringia. From time immemorial, the federal state has represented the centre of Europe. But Thuringia also has its own exceptional history. Fortresses, castles, ruins – they all tell stories. Stories that have also become manifest in the work of Bocathur.


Accessible Bocathur sites (excerpt)

  • Wartburg, Eisenach – built around 1067, closely associated with the life and work of Martin Luther
  • Schloss Friedenstein, Gotha – built around 1654, residence of Duke Ernst I. as an advocate of education, the Arts and culture (especially theatre)
  • Schloss Altenstein with the Knights‘ Chapel, built around 1799, former meeting place of the members of Bocathur


Thanks to the kindness of influential people Bocathur has been able to work in various places. Princes have placed their castles at our disposal, professors have delivered lectures, people have come together in order to discuss and to philosophise. Bocathur has made it a goal to preserve these places and their legacy.